Business Development

Strategy and concept development

HBH develops automotive product strategies, overall business strategies and concepts. We can participate as a sparring partner in an already planned development process or carry out the actual planning and implementation of the strategy and concept development.
To us, it is vital that a strategy can be communicated and executed, and we therefore also participate in the planning of subsequent communication and implementation strategies.

Market analysis

A detailed knowledge of market structures, audiences, commercial as well as political matters and general legal conditions or restrictions provides the best starting point for appropriate market placement and thus the greatest chance of success. HBH will – as a possible basis for initiating a project -  prepare market analyses which provide detailed insight into such topics as commercial opportunities, competitors, distribution conditions, opportunities for strategic partners, etc.

Project economy

A precise and detailed budget plan based on a sound knowledge of all phases of the project helps to ensure a successful development process. By identifying safe and less safe parts of the development process and by defining an overall ambition level for the project, HBH can provide a general impression and through that an economic framework.

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